Using LocalMed Technology

We are pleased to announce today that we are using the new scheduling technology LocalMed for our online scheduling services. We now offer patients the ability to schedule their own appointments online by using the LocalMed widget that is on our website.

Once you click the button it will open a window that displays our schedule and you can see open times depending on the reason you select for visit (the default is general consultation). After selecting a time, you will be directed to the LocalMed site to fill out your information and schedule the appointment. Once scheduled, it will be in our system and we will remind you of your upcoming appointment as it gets closer.

In addition, we are on the website as a General Dentist Provider in Baton Rouge. For people trying to Find a Baton Rouge Dentist, they visit the LocalMed site and can also schedule from there.

If you aren’t quite comfortable scheduling online just yet, give us a call and we can either talk you through it or you can just schedule with the front office.

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